Make what you can of life, savour moments, let tenderness in, look love in the eye, care not for envy, bitterness, swallow the elixir of optimism and joy, become emboldened, remain kind.
The raven waits, keenly watching, the thin clawed hand of grief and darkness slip between us when we least expect.



He told me to always look, stay curious, explore, analyse, probe, to remain open and optimistic and that one day I’ll find what I seek.
It might come ┬áin the form of a caterpillar’s hair, the pearly labyrinth of a delicate shell, a fleck of silver dust, the sweet breath of a newborn, the flutter of anticipation, the mournful baying of the wolf, citrus tang, a yearning deep within my loins, the pallor of death,
and, I will know…


I wasn’t searching but I stumbled across this little gem, set into the sand and I felt a thump in my chest.



I stopped writing, well, stopped writing on my blog – but I feel replenished after a some focused time spent holed up inside my shed, writing. It feels good to venture outside, I was greeted this morning by two little finches darting in and out of the lavender, how lovely…