About Shelagh

Welcome to my blog – Sojourn with Shelagh, here’s a little bit about me.

Shelagh - Gallic spelling

Shelagh – Gallic spelling

I was raised and educated in Liverpool  in the north-west of England. I am married and have three adult children. I’ve been fortunate to have been able to enjoy an extensive nursing career.

I love birds – especially owls. And as a keen, albeit amateur photographer, I transfer my own photographic images onto canvas and experiment with various art mediums.

I’ve had a few small publishing successes and I hope one day to commit my memoir titled Sitting with Myself – to print.


I enjoy writing short fiction, poetry and the odd quirky playful piece. I have just written and illustrated a little storybook for young preschool aged children, titled The Adventures of Teddy’s Lost, Black, Button Eye  – this is a work in progress.

Do stop by and say hello, I’m not very tech savvy – so I’d appreciate being nudged in the right direction – (a bit like Renee Geyer… 😉)

Come, sojourn with me…



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