Inspiration in the closet

 wot top to wear

 Inspiration in the closet

My girlfriend, Effie, is preparing for the trip of her life. Effie and her three teenagers are going on holiday to Greece for a seven week, well -deserved break.

I am delighted for Effie, she has worked so very hard to make this trip come to fruition, and it hasn’t been easy. Effie asked me if I was able to pop over to her house the other night for a quick glass of bubbles and so that she was able to show me the various, new little skimpy tops and summer dresses that she had purchased for her trip; btw – she’s gorgeous and sexy and certainly doesn’t look her age!



We were giggling as she was trying on different outfit combinations, and deciding what matched with what and what items might be the most practical to pack. I reminisced about my own trip to Greece.  After exploring Athens on my own, I had arranged to meet up with Tracy, a dear friend, whom I’d not seen for fourteen years. We both had a wonderful time.


Exploring Oia with Tracy

As Effie paraded about her bedroom in various stages of undress, I decided to write about my travel experience, outbound from Australia to Greece. It was, a flight to remember.


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