Establish a writing routine


Just be there... show up - for yourself, the work Start with ten minutes...

Just be there… show up – for yourself, the work
Start with ten minutes…



Establish a writing routine

Make a time to meet yourself in your new space for the purpose of writing. You might decide to just work once a week, perhaps on a Sunday afternoon when you are guaranteed a couple of hours and aren’t too tired. Alternatively, early morning is an ideal time, maybe just for ten minutes or so before anyone else is awake. Whatever you decide, even if it is last thing at night and you’re beat, try to create a small window of time to jot down ideas. Start slowly, don’t put high expectations on yourself, just making a commitment to write at this stage is the main thing.


Sometimes I find that if I take myself to a public place, a cafe, a library or a park and I sit for forty-five minutes and write, this too helps me to consolidate my ideas and focus. I’m not sure if this is effective because I’m kinda forced into having to write instead of daydreaming or becoming distracted but it does work and great to do in short, sharp bursts.






Shelagh’s tip…

After the first time – practice some restraint – just give yourself five minutes and then deliberately stop – a bit like Tantric sex or a yummy cake, little morsels, bit by bit – will make you want more…





Sift and dig for words....

Sift and dig for words….


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