Huntsman Hash

Huntsman Hash ...

Huntsman Hash ..Huntsman Hash











Huntsman Hash

Homemade down under

.. and won’t make you chunder …


Ain’t got a brass razoo?

Then, this Aussie tucker’s for you


Huntsman Hash – made in a dash

Washed down wif a stubbie or two …


Captured, prepared, mashed and eaten …

A great accompaniment to any chucken …


Artiste and woman of many  useless talons –

Including … homemade humorous chowder – 🙂

Served hot with grasshopper damper …

Hmmm … guaranteed to warm the bones … :)))


Just one of a repertoire of yummy dishes –

Concocted for my family and friends …

Providing interesting, colourful, digestible, nutritious

… and easy to whip up in a flash – pan

Erm ….   The little critter was dead :/