Exploring …

I’m like a toddler learning to walk … manage to stand up – a bit wobbly – but, fall down just as I’m looking around and think I’ve got it!

A friend kindly helped me to set my blog up yesterday. There we both were, at my kitchen table, laptops and cups of tea, two bars of the electric heater warming our legs – clicking away …  As she was leaving, she suggested that I maybe choose a day that might suit me to blog. Yep, this is probably a good idea, jotting down notes, distilling ideas and gathering thoughts, but at the moment, I’m like a kid with a new toy, pressing this and that, I guess this is how it is …

Any thoughts? I’m totally new to all this and would really welcome some feedback, suggestions and advice. I guess there are protocols and I’m yet to learn the rules but don’t want to come across as a complete numskull either.

Not quite gotten to grips with all my widgets, how to categorise, post a short story – but I’ll get there.



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