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Out and about with my third eye... 👀

Out and about with my third eye… 👀

In recent months, I have neglected this blog – for many reasons really – life just seemed to become chaotic and as is usually the case … Murphy’s Law – ensures that everything that could possibly happen, does happen, all at once.

Reluctantly I find myself with time on my hands – hmm… literally.

I sustained a crush fracture of my right wrist just over a week ago.

I’ve had surgery to secure all the bone fragments and with the high-tech, metal plates, screws and bone grafts, Ash, the clever, competent surgeon has also managed to repair the torn ligaments.  It is these stringy, white ribbons of elastin and collagen fibres, that help to bind the joint together.

My wrist and hand are painful and swollen, but I know that with rest, time, ice (hmm…lots of drugs!)  keeping my arm elevated & supported, and putting my wrist joint through a range of movements, frequently –  flexibility and function will return. I just need to be patient.

So – hello again dearest abandoned blog! How you goin’ eh? Let’s rendezvous and try to get something creative happening’ here.

I hope  that I will be able to paint and draw again with my dominant right hand – but until I do – here are a few snapshots of some of my work – both paintings and photographic images.

Do drop by and say hi – and I’ll wave with my left hand. 👋

Being good company and being real

Human engagement

Human engagement

Being human, real and honest

If you are sitting with someone and you’re enjoying their company – and likewise, they seem to be comfortable being with you too… Listen to them, share some of your own experiences, engage, show a genuine interest in them, ask questions, laugh, cry, wet your knickers if you have to … whatever it takes
Because… this is being human.
Don’t sit there, stone faced, untouchable, silently judging or comparing…
And whatever you do…


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